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Incredi-Bites was created to provide convenience for busy families like mine, on the journey toward happy healthy kids!

Who said foodies were born in adulthood…

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To fuel their growth, older infants and
toddlers need to eat a variety of protein-
rich foods, fruits and vegetables, whole
grains, unsweetened milk and other dairy
products. A healthy diet is essential to
ensuring a young child grows well and
gains an appropriate amount of weight.

What Are Parents Asking?


Food provides the fuel for much of the extraordinary brain development that takes place in early childhood, and nutrition during this period remains critically important. In particular, protein, iron, zinc and iodine are essential to the toddler’s rapidly developing brain.

Early Childhood

By the 1001st day, your child’s brain has reached 80% of its adult size, thus significantly contributing to their lifelong health, which is why investing in quality food for your baby is important.

Incredi-Bites Organic Process

Incredi-bites offers fresh, organic, home made food delivered to your home or daycare weekly. Baby’s meals are based on age and food introduction level.

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced!

What special recipe’s do our babes ♥ ?

At Incredi-Bites we NEVER use processed purees like other baby brands.

Currently Incredi-bites only services Atlanta, Georgia!