About Us

Mom … you’re a Rockstar … Dad … you’re amazing! This parenting gig is not easy, but it is so rewarding and you’re doing a great job!

Incredi-Bites was created to provide convenience for busy families like mine, on the journey toward happy healthy kids! My desire to provide balanced meal options for our son while at daycare and home left us underwhelmed with the baby food options found at the local grocery stores. Just the thought of my son ingesting preservatives and additives and unknown metals from machinery was so daunting I made the choice to personally assume the responsibility of cooking all his food. The idea was to create meals that suited our child’s developmental needs and provided the valuable nutrition he deserved, but most of all … tasted good! Why not expose our son’s pallet to the glorious flavors of herbs and spices while eating superfoods? Who said foodies were born in adulthood; The goal was to start our son appreciating food and flavors early in life?

Before we knew it, people were taking notes and asking us how they too could offer their children nutritious options during those pivotal early stages of development.
In fact, parents and teachers at our son’s daycare would marvel at his meals and salivate at the smell of his home cooked baby food. They would often comment on how well our son would eat foods like spinach or use his pincer grasp to eat green peas! Believe it or not, that’s what sparked the idea of Incredi-Bites, a baby meal prep delivery service. Healthy great tasting food for your incredible baby coupled with convenience for working parents. I knew all too well the stress of a demanding job and the desire to still give 100% as a wife and a mother. Let’s not talk about the added neurotic pressure a first-time mom experiences – self-inflicted most times, but a pressured experience, nonetheless. I mean, the pump schedules in between meetings, the constant googling of everything, the endless obsessions with baby milestones, its insane! So, I walked away from my corporate job to focus on this amazing opportunity and join the movement to provide healthier food choices for incredible babies like yours and mine.

Incredi- Bites aims to serve the people that give so much …PARENTS! For the health-conscious mom and dad that want fresh, organic, preservative free, homemade food for their little one that they wouldn’t mind eating themselves … Incredi-Bites is the answer. We cook, package, label (based on state regulations), and deliver to your door or daycare because we understand that convenience leverages time. We also understand how important those first 1000 days are to your child’s development; hence our unwavering commitment to fresh, organic, homemade food without preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors. At Incredi-Bites we NEVER use processed purees like other baby brands. We utilize the same methods you’d use at home; food is cooked through boiling, baking, blending, and steaming, so the original taste and nutrients of the fruit or vegetable is preserved. We invite you to join us as we eliminate some of the planning, shopping, chopping, slicing, boiling, and baking required to provide your baby’s body with high quality meals like ours. Simply put, we want to help you provide healthier options for your little bundle of joy because no one knows what’s best for their child like the parent!

We really want to thank you for choosing Incredi-Bites

A mom named Ama