Incredi-Bites Process

Sealed for freshness through an heat induction sealing process

All food is sealed with a heat induction liner to maintain tamper free evidence of all food.

Baby Food Delivery Service

All food is packaged in a lightweight box to easily fit in your refrigerator without spills, and labels to fulfill state labeling regulations for daycare.

Puree or baby led weaning options

The Jar:

FDA approved, PET, BPA free made from recycled material. This jar is made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET); it is of the polyester family and is strong, impact-resistant, and microwavable. There is also a glass option

Gourmet Food for your incredible baby

We offer 3 types of puree’s depending on your child’s familiarity with solids. You can get:

  • Beginner – finely pureed,
  • Intermediate – chunky purees
  • Advanced – not pureed at all; this is great for those toddlers with teeth and pincer grasp skills