Hi, I’m Ama and I believe nutrition can be fun! It doesn’t mean you have to eat tasteless chicken with bland beets, it means you are maximizing the various food groups to fit your lifestyle. But, WARNING …This is coming from a person who doesn’t snack or eat fast food. I didn’t grow up with it, so I rarely crave unhealthy snacks. I understand that snacking can be a battle within itself, and for that I offer a solution. Stop buying unhealthy snacks! Not there = Not EATEN. Now reader, don’t go cussing me out or closing this blog because you feel I am out of touch! I have my own struggles, which is portion size and homemade desserts… oh, and wine (as I sip shiraz and type)! However, adults can transition into a healthier palate by starting off small. Aim for a good carb, a veggie, and a protein incorporated in at least 1 meal a day. What is a good carb? Foods like quinoa, potatoes, brown rice, and whole grains. Also, eat your largest meal at lunch or before 6pm if you can. Eating a thanksgiving meal before bed can make a significant difference in your body. From my experience, it negatively impacted my waistline.

Children, especially toddlers take a little more maneuvering. They require a daily dose of grains (good carbs), vegetables, fruit, dairy, and protein. I am currently experiencing the fickle eater. I mean, one day he loves tomatoes and the next he’s throwing them over the highchair. However, the required daily amount makes it a little easier. According to registered dietician Nancy Hudson, each day, a child should eat approximately 3 tablespoons of Grains & Veggies, 1- 2 cups of fruit and dairy, and about 4 tablespoons of protein.  If your child is like mine, they get distracted with other foods while eating so I have a suggestion. Serve the least desired food group by itself. For example, I often serve only vegetables for lunch. He will have 4 ounces of peas for example. Then for dinner, I know he prefers carbs like Incredi-bites mac & cheese (shameless plug ?), so I would serve him that with a protein. Additionally, I serve the fruit and dairy as snacks throughout the day. If I try to serve a balanced meal every time he eats, he will never eat the veggies because it’s not his favorite. Trust me, if there is a competition between spinach and mac & cheese on his plate … the mac & cheese wins every-time!

A nutritious lifestyle is a journey. But it’s a rewarding journey filled with fun, energy, and you fitting in those jeans from college! Eventually, that journey will become your lifestyle but remember to start small, focus on food groups, and snack healthily.

Thanks for tuning in,

A mom named Ama